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Not everyone thinks about the state of their carpet. It is one surface that tends to get lots of wear and tear, but because it is there underfoot all the time, we eventually take it for granted and don’t really look at it critically. Often, it is only when furniture is moved and you can see a clean spot where it was that you realise just how grubby the rest of the carpet has become.

Nearly all the dirt and dust in the home eventually gets into the carpet. It is tracked in on our shoes and moved from room to room as we walk whether we wear shoes or slippers. Even bare feet can pick up tiny pieces of debris and dust and it will come off on the carpet, because the fibres act as a brush to our feet. If we have pets the same applies and pet hair and dander go deep into the carpet.

The grit that enters the carpet usually stays there for a long time, even when you vacuum. Many vacuum cleaners don’t have enough suction to get it all out. The fibres in the carpet twist and bend and the dirt is caught underneath them, especially long fibres. When you tread on the carpet, the fibres are pressed down onto the grit and this is what wears them. Eventually, many of those fibres are cut or weakened enough to be sucked into the vacuum cleaner along with the dirt. That is why areas of heavy foot traffic tend to wear out more quickly than light traffic areas.

Having the carpets cleaned professionally is the only way to prevent or reduce this wear and tear. Professional carpet cleaning equipment is much stronger than a home vacuum cleaner. In addition, the cleaning products for commercial carpet cleaners are quite different from those you buy at a supermarket. They are stronger, yet still gentle on the environment, if the carpet cleaner you choose cares enough to use special, environmentally friendly products.

Getting your carpets steam cleaned is the best way to remove the dirt and grime that accumulates over the year. The steam loosens the impacted grime and the equipment sucks it and the moisture out, leaving the carpet just slightly damp so it dries quickly.

When you pay a lot for a carpet it is disappointing to see it wear out sooner than it should. This is not necessarily the fault of the manufacturers; it can be due to not having it cleaned professionally when it should be.  Carpet manufacturers who guarantee their carpets may include a proviso about regular cleaning that will void the guarantee if neglected, so it is important to read the fine print.